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If you have installed ewfm, xbs doesn't require anything more as it only uses Ruby.

xbs init or ruby xbs.rb init will initalise xbs for your ewfm setup and move anything in input to a new xbs site.


build.xbs contains the sites that you want to build when you type xbs build without any sites name after it.

On a default installation it will either be blank or contain default.

This means it will either build nothing or the site default (which would be the site formerly in input/)


make.xbs is the file in input/ that tells xbs what to do when building the website.

It can contain the following commands:

build - runs ewfm

run <shell command> - runs the following command locally

remove <file> - deletes a file

copy <src> <dest> - copies a file

remote <host> <command> - runs the following command remotely

upload <host> <file> - uploads the following file to a remote host

archive <algorithm> <file/folder> - archives or compresses the file or folder with the algorithm

move <src> <dest> - moves file

The supported algorithms for archive are:

tar lzma xz gzip gz compress ncompress z bzip2 bz2 zip

Your site's default build.xbs will only contain build however can be extended to automatically deploy your website to a web server for example with a setup like this:


archive tar output

upload output.tar

remote ./

remove output.tar

The power behind xbs allows it to be tailored to your perfect needs for every specific website as all websites have a different make.xbs

Other subcommands

xbs install <theme/processor>

xbs install will look in a directory and detect whether it is a theme or processor for ewfm and install it correctly and accordingly.

xbs new <site>

xbs new will generate a new site, it is non-interactive and you must edit site.conf yourself however apart from that it generates a site very much alike to ewfm's however in a way that works with the xbs file structure.

Copyright notice and authors

This document was written by abbieoverflight and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License